Regenerative Medicine & Biological Therapy

Get Better Without Surgery
Almost 90% of all sports medicine injuries do not need to be treated surgically. While there are many capable surgeons in the Midwest, the goal is to avoid the operating room as much as possible. Here at Liberty MD, we have the qualifications, skills and expertise to effectively and promptly diagnose and treat athletes. An activity modification plan paired with today’s biological modalities will help athletes and active adults return to their activities in no time. Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment (PRP Treatment) is a popular alternative we offer.

Solutions for All
Our non-surgical recovery plans for athletes and active adults are tailored to each individual, and no plan is the same. Regenerative medicine allows us to provide the outcome athletes desire in an ideal timeframe. Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP Therapy) provides the opportunity to expedite the healing process in a non-intrusive manner for many different types of injuries with the use of Platelet Rich Plasma injections (PRP injections).

Additional Inquiries

While we specialize in Regenerative medicine and therapy, we are continuously exploring further advancements. If you are interested in treatments such as stem cell therapy or exosome therapy or have specific inquiries, please feel free to contact us for the latest information and potential offerings.