Feel Younger & Healthier with a Variety of Treatments

Morpheus8 | Hormone Treatment| Incontinence Solutions-Empower RF | O3UV: Ozone Ultraviolet Treatment

Aging brings many trials and tribulations- your health being first and foremost. Liberty MD offers the below and many other services to help improve your health and quality of life. While we encourage you to check out our clinic membership program, you may take advantage of any of the below options, along with others, without being a member. All of our premium services are eligible for cherry finance for your convenience.

MORPHEUS8: Contour Your Face & Body

Skin Tightening. Fat Remodeling. Body Contouring.

Stimulate the production of collagen and resurface your skin to discover a younger-looking you. Morpheus8 targets unwanted fine lines and problem fat areas to leave the skin looking more radiant than ever.

The most commonly treated areas include the face, periorbital area, abdomen, thighs, legs and arms.

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Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Treatment

As we age, our bodies naturally start to reduce the number of hormones like testosterone and estrogen they produce- these are incredibly important to how your body functions– your brain, heart, bones, reproductive organs and more.

Our treatment optimizes hormones, which can increase sex drive, increase cognition, improve memory, helping you feel younger, healthier and happier!

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Treatment (BHRT) is a method of restoring the balance of your hormones and aiming to relieve these symptoms, using compounded hormones that are identical in structure to those your body naturally produces.

The Biote Method uses pellets, which are about the size of a grain of rice, for hormone optimization, inserted under the skin during a simple, in-office procedure. As the pellets dissolve, they release a steady stream of hormones into your bloodstream and will ultimately be completely absorbed, leaving nothing behind.


Minimize or eliminate those embarrassing leaks.

Incontinence can be embarrassing and incredibly inconvenient. Restore your core and pelvic floor to take back your life. EmpowerRF is a non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation treatment designed to deliver life-changing women’s wellness treatments. Restore your core and pelvic floor through pelvic floor treatment. Imagine the difference! Treat now and pay later with our handy financing options below!

Improve your health and wellness with EmpowerRF today!

O3UV: Ozone Ultraviolet Treatment

This UV treatment combines the components of both treatments to work together – bringing the benefits of ozone treatment and ultraviolet treatment (UV light treatment) into a single treatment. The use of ozone in the blood increases oxygenation, which causes the body to heal and energize the mitochondria. The UV light adds antibacterial and antiviral powers to the patient’s red blood cells, which promotes further healing. UV light (sunlight) can kill bacteria and viruses; using UV light in this treatment basically does the same for the blood in the body. The process stimulates the immune system and can kill pathogens. O3UV promotes healing from the inside out!

Many different conditions may benefit from O3UV treatment, including poor immunity, COVID-19 long haulers, depression, autoimmune diseases, cancer and more. It can jump-start the patient’s vitality and may help with recovery from debilitating illness and disease.

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